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Jérôme Finel :

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           Released on February 19, 2021​​​​​​


           Released on March 13, 2021



 It is in February 2012, at the French-Belgian border during a concert that Mag Hantson from Belgium meets Jérôme Finel, a passionate guitarist and creator.

     The adventure can begin...

Now they live together in France near

Reims (51) Marne.

She is influenced by singers such as Pink, Anastacia or Evanescence, he is inspired by great guitarists like Joe Satriani, David Gilmour or Eric Calpton.

Jérôme has experimented a lot during many years
the creation, it is by singing with Mag a few moments the beginning of one of his unfinished melodies "More" that they immediately feel the potential of his music.

That they immediately feel the infinite potential

of their duo.

From then on they inspired each other. 

Moreover, "More" will become one of their flagship tracks of their first album "Gates of moonlight".

Their universe is clearly defined towards the Classic-Rock

because the lyrical voice of Mag harmonizes with the

with the roaring and romantic guitars of Jerome.

 The whole is supported by a frenetic rhythmic section
and dressed up by organ sounds and

and synthesizers of all from all eras.

Their music combines influences of progressive rock
and American pop, delivering messages of love, freedom and hope.

Their primary ambition: "To take the audience on a journey".


After the release of their first 10 tracks album

"Gates of moonlight" in 2018,

They will produce and self-produce a filmed concert in 2019. 

In 2020 and 2021, the Duo Mag Hantson devotes itself

to the production of several clips, as well as the finalization of a new
of a new 5 tracks EP: "Give and Receive"

           New Single:

                          Released on June 27, 2021

           TV  Passage June 2021